State Sweepstakes Awarded to PTHS Math Science Team

The State meet for the Texas Math and Science Coaches Association (TMSCA) was held on Saturday, March 19 at UTSA in San Antonio, Texas.  Pine Tree won the 4A High School Sweepstakes award with 3008 points. Veterans High School from Mission was second with 2654 points. The Pine Tree team won 1st place team in Number Sense and Mathematics, 2nd place in Calculator, and 5th in science.  The individual winners in each event follow.

“We are very proud of each student that competes in TMSCA,” said Bonnie Edmunds, PTHS  instructor and Math Science Team Coach.

“These students show the strength of our science and math programs and outstanding talent of our teachers at Pine Tree,”  said Vickie Echols.


1st place Team: Elhalwagi, Reddy, Jones, and Robey

12th Grade – Shereef Elhalwagi-1st; Pooja Reddy 4th; Molly McGuire 6th Josh Schulik 8th

11th Grade – Hannah Robey 3rd, Ryan Millikin 6th, Shelby Soltau 9th,

Kenneth Williams 10th

10th Grade – Beth Jones 3rd, Davin Siu 5th, Jason Zhang 7th, Ginah Han 9th tie,

Amanda Wallin 9th tie

9th Zach Schaetz 2nd, Rebecca Kirchhoff  3rd, John Cravey 4th, Alex Black 5th,   Sammy Robey 6th, Nick Schaetz 7th, Boone Coleman 10th


2nd place team: Soltau, Elhalwagi, Robey, Jones

12th Grade – Shereef Elhalwagi 2nd, Pooja Reddy 10th

11th Grade – Shelby Soltau 1st, Hannah Robey 2nd, Kenneth Wiliams 3rd,

Ryan Millkin 4th, Austin Horton 7th

10th Grade – Beth Jones 3rd, Lindsey Sutton 4th, Amanda Wallin 6th

9th Grade – Sammy Robey 2nd, JohnCravey 3rd, Kundanika Lakkadi 7th, Rebecca  Kirchoff 8th, Christina Nelson 10th


1st Place team: Elhalwagi, Wallin, Reddy, Horton

12th Grade  – Shereef Elhalwagi 1st, Pooja Reddy 4th, Molly McGuire 6th tie, Josh Schulik 6th tie

11th Grade – Austin Horton 2nd, Shelby Soltau 3rd, Hannah Robey 7th, Kenneth Williams 8th, Ryan Millikin 10th

10th Grade – Amanda Wallin 1st, Ginah Han 2nd,  Jason Zhang 5th, Davin Siu 6th tie, Beth Jones 6th tie,    Lindsey Sutton 9th

9th Grade – Rebecca Kirchhoff 2nd, John Cravey 3rd, Alex Black 4th, Christina Nelson 5th, Zachary Schaetz 6th, Sammy Roberts 8th, Boone Coleman 10th


Team 5th place: Reddy, Millikin, Jones, Siu

12th Grade – Pooja Reedy 8th;

11th Grade – Ryan Millikin 9th

10th Grade – Elizabeth Jones 3rd, David Siu 7th

9th Grade – Sammy Robey 2nd, Rebecca Kirchhoff 3rd, John Cravey 4th, Kundanika  Lakkadi 5th, Alex Black 6th, Nicholas Schaetz 7th, Zachary Schaetz 8th,  Peyton Varner 10th


12th Grade – Shereef Elhalwagi 2nd; Pooja Reddy 4th

11th Grade – Hannah Robey 3rd, Shelby Soltau 4th, Ryan Millikin 5th,

Kenneth Williams 6th

10th Grade – Beth Jones 1st, Amanda Wallin 2nd, Davin Siu 4th

9th Grade – John Cravey 1st, Rebecca Kirchoff 2nd, Sammy Robey 4th, Alex Black 5th,

Zach Schaetz 6th

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